Creating your own bodice block pattern


If you have completed 'Understanding the Basics' module you may want to complete this follow on course. In total it will be over 3 sessions and you will have Marsha afterwards to help you once you have cut your block pattern out to make your first sample.

There are many different levels of sewing and she aims to assist those who are beginners to intermediate.

In this sewing course you will go through some of the below modules:

  1. Taking body measurements accurately alongside your design sheet.
  2. Pattern Cutting for all body types - how to adjust the pattern determined by your own body shape.
  3. Understanding suitable fabrics for your design.

Classes start from £15 for an hour and half class online. Due to the current pandemic no face to face classes will take place in 2020. We do hope this changes for 2021.

Sewing Class


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