Sunday Best

Loving my Sundays

Today has been one of those perfect Sundays from start to end.  Every Sunday I usually start my routine by jogging round the park as I determined to get my health and fitness levels higher than before.  Its strictly all about clean eating all the way, fit camp and lots of water with the treat day being Sunday of course!!

While meditating about the great week ahead of me, the gospel music in the background got me to my feet this morning.  I have learnt from my mentor that planning, preparing and perseverance can go a long way especially when you are in business and I recognise great things take time.  The world was not made in a day :)  Praying for me is definitely key and I ensure its not just on a Sunday but everyday essentials like brushing your teeth.

Bardot camo and floral print dress Feb 2015While the sun was shining today, I decided to wear one of my latest  Solo Flair dresses that I made this week for my Sunday best outfit.  I found this great printed scuba fabric online which mixes the safari colours of the season.  The pink flowers in the print gave it that Spring feeling, even though I know we are still in the winter months and we literally had snow on Tuesday/Wednesday of the past week.  Just like myself, everyone was enjoying walking in the park today taking in the sun to get some much needed vitamin D.  The Jersey blazer complimented the dress perfectly.

For the months of Spring, Military shades are already hitting the high street stores from silky shirt dresses to full circle skirts.  A collection that I really liked for the Military look was Ralph Lauren in NFW.  Stunning pieces in all shades from khakis to yellows.  Every woman looks great in these colours, you just need to ensure the colour works well with your hair, eye and skin tone.  Our services regarding colour and wellbeing are available to help anyone who needs a boost in this area.

Ralph Lauren SS2015SS 2015 MIlitary style

I am looking forward to adding some of the above styles into my holiday wardrobe and adding clean, crisp white shirts or white jeans for the perfect capsule collection,

My day has been a blessing from the sunny sunrays, positive music, uplifting vibes in church and wrapping up with seeing my amazing family with lots of love and laughter.  Great way to start the week ahead, now I just need lots of water, few chapters of a motivation speaker and my beauty sleep.

Love , Marsha x

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