Made to Measure

  • Hand made items that suit and fit your contour of your body
  • ServicePrice
    Special Occasion full length dresses From £175
    Special occasion short to mid length From £75
    Bespoke jackets From £100
    Bespoke skirts  From £60
    • Our made to measure service requires firstly a 30 minute consultation to discuss all requirements.
    • The team normally have 1 to 2 fittings before completing the finished products.
    • If the team have to travel to the client there is a charge of 45p per mile, the first 5 miles are free.

    Personal Shopper

  • Clothes being selected for you, so you have more time to do the things you love.
  • ServicePrice
    2 hours with the Designer to select a new outfit £50 per hour
    4 hours (half day) with the Designer to create a minimum of 3 outfits with accessories £50 per hour
    7 hours (full day) with the designer to create capsule wardrobe £50 per hour
    • In the appointment we will discuss what suits your body shape – pear, apple, square, etc.
      Please note that all clients will need to complete a Customer Profile questionnaire before the shopping day. This is to ensure Solo Flair understands everything about who we are shopping for.
      Gift vouchers are available upon request.
    • The client can select there preferred city for shopping including Westfields London, Birmingham or further a field. Travel cost is charged at a rate of 45p per mile with the first 5 miles are free. Travel costs are due in advance and non refundable if the appointment is cancelled less than 48 hours before the day.

    Wardrobe styling

  • Updating your wardrobe so that you have timeless articles of clothing while still being on trend.
  • ServicePrice
    We will pull out all the key garments and then give you a list of products that need to be replaced £75 for 11/2 hours

    Colour Analysis

  • Knowing which colours suit you to help you look and feel your optimum best.
  • ServicePrice
    This includes receiving your own colour reference book £50 per hour

    Alterations & Repairs

  • looking after your favourite items of clothing and saving money
  • ServicePrice
    Zip replacements From £15
    Zip replacements From £15
    Shorten hems £15
    Shortening evening dresses From £27.50
    Take in/let out waist with zips From £18
    Taking in side seams only £15 or to the hem £25
    Shortening coat/jacket sleeves From £22.50
    Re-lining Coat/jackets From £45
    • All repairs are quoted upon viewing the actual work.

    Solo Alterations & Repairs

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    Solo Sew

    Solo Well Being

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