I love African prints

  • My favrourite scuba print skirt
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  • African print safari dress
  • Tropcail print bardt top and joggers
  • African multi print skirt

African print safari dressBardot camo and floral print dress Feb 2015Tropcail print bardt top and joggersOutfit-8-1 My favrourite scuba print skirt

My love of African prints

My love of African prints is making my collection of clothing grow rapidly.  Every week I make an item made out of my latest African print fabric.  This area of fashion has been picking up momentum for some time now and I passionately like to mix the east with the west.

I have not yet worked out all the colours that below to all the tribes of African, but I hope that my visit to Ghana sometime in the next 12 months will help me understand this in more detail.

From the boutiques in west London to the Etsy and many online stores, African print fabrics are easily obtainable.  However, I want to experience the authenticity of being in the Mother land and see the diverse colours that are uniquely used in the men and women’s outfits.

There are quite a few items I have listed to make in a vibrate print, start with subtle colours and work you way up the ‘stand out’ shades.

Marsha x


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