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Denim in all forms are a must have for S/S 2015

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Denim dressDenim is going to be big for Spring/Summer 2015

The history of the denim jean takes us all the way back to the late 17th century where jeans were predominately used for work pants, cowboy jeans and the sails for ships.   In the Second World War, American GIs were known to take their favourite jeans overseas for action, to keep them safe!  Once zips were used in the 50s jeans became associated with teenage rebellion. This new youth market was reflected in the name ‘jean’ being formally adopted by Levi’s in the 60s, as jeans flooded Europe and Asian markets, and became a symbol of youth, ideas, individuality and leisure.

When I was growing up in the late 70′s Levi’s was the household name of jeans to be wearing.  My mum would be in her ‘bell’ bottomed styled jeans rocking with her amazing afro.

Double denim

Fast forwarding to 2015 and if you had a chance to look through catwalk preview of some of the well known designers you will notice that many of the staple ’key’ items were in denim. From the new 70s style flared jean, the denim jacket which came in a multitude of colours and yes the frayed jean, formerly seen in 2014 as the ripped jean.

Catwalk denim trends S/S 2015

Double denim (wearing two items but not always in the same shades), triple denim, tinted, frayed, bleached, coloured, distressed, faded, ripped and any other method you could have in this fabric is a must-have for the season.  Everyone is wearing it from the street-style scene to the A list celebrities.  Yes dig back through your wardrobe for that denim jacket.  I myself have never stopped wearing denim so I’m going to wear the coloured version especially Pink for the spring  and summer months.  If you need help revamping your jeans or want them to be up to date with the trends, get in touch.